UK School Visit Book Tour

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July was a fantastically busy time for the POWEs.

I returned to the UK, to undertake a series of school visits at local primary schools in my old home town of Henley.

I had so much fun!

POWEs School Visit Book Tour
St Marys School


I got asked a lot of great questions and got told a lot of great things but a few of my favourites were:-

“Does Immy have nice dresses and when does she wear them?” – I said that I thought she probably does have some but that it’s easier to save wildlife when you’re wearing dungarees!

“How many adjectives did you use in the book?” – I was totally thrown by that question!

“What do you wear when you write?” – I’m not sure what he imagined I might wear…perhaps a safari suit or an elephant costume, but alas I most commonly wear pyjamas.

“Poachers shoot animals and they go to university.” – Interesting!

POWEs School Visit Book Tour
Valley Road School


I love doing school visits. Children are so engaging and enthusiastic. I always come away on cloud 9, feeling inspired, encouraged and hopeful. On this school visit book tour there were a couple of moments where these feelings were even greater….

After we’d finished drawing, a little boy sat at the back, wrote on his paper Thank You! in massive letters and held it up.

At the end of a visit, as I was packing up, a little girl threw her arms around my waist and said “Thank you. You’ve really inspired me.”

POWEs School Visit Book Tour
Stoke Row School

You’ve got to be on your toes during a school visit as sometimes things can go off on tangent.

At one visit I was showing the children the map from the book and talking about how far Australia (where I currently live) is from the UK and I explained that it was nighttime there now. “But how is it nighttime in Australia now?” asked one little boy. Well, that then brought on a whole discussion about the earth spinning on its axis.

You just never know what direction a school visit will take!

POWEs School Visit Book Tour
Peppard School


How do I sum up my time at the schools of Henley – fantastic schools, inspiring kids, great fun!  I can’t wait to come again next year!

Find out what else the schools are saying about my visits.

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