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Last month I launched a podcast (Wilderkids), which is a totally new and exciting adventure for me. Already I’ve spoken to such interesting people and I have so many more fantastic interviews lined up. It feels like a very exciting avenue for me to go down; creating my children’s books is something I absolutely love but it can be quite isolating working on your own; podcasting is giving me the opportunity to have a virtual beer or a cup of tea with people all over the world, sharing stories, tips and inspiration.

This podcasting life all came about after I was interviewed for My Home Planet, the environmental heroes podcast. Natasha, the host of the show, and I have become firm friends since then and have decided to embark upon an exciting mission . . .

To create a digital channel of earth-focused podcasts by women for the planet. It will be a global movement with an international grant and mentoring programme to support women throughout the world to create their own content. Sharing stories and solutions for the health of our planet, ourselves and all the wonderful creatures we share it with.

Already we have the support of some amazing women, both in ambassadors and fellow podcasters. It’s an exciting tribe to be part of!

It’s called TWIG – The World Is Good . . . because it is right?


“women will be the ones to lead in ending the destruction of Mother Earth because, as women we have an invisible umbilical cord that connects us to her.” Maori Elder Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere



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