This Is Coal, Don’t Be Afraid…

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“This is coal, don’t be afraid, don’t scared” said the Prime Minister of Australia when he brought a lump of it in to Parliament.

But we should be afraid, not of that little rock itself, but what we do with it. Burning fossil fuels is the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions, which is one of the main causes of global warming.

In Australian, the carbon dioxide pollution per person is nearly double the average of other developed nations!

The Australian government loves coal because there is a lot of it in Australia and it makes a lot of money…..but at what cost?

Australia is planning to build the biggest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere as Britain just passes its first full week without coal power since the use of fossil fuel began. Britain intends to turn off their last coal power station in 2025 and are likely to become the first major economy to legislate for net-zero emissions.

All countries need to move towards renewable energy if our planet and all those that live on it are to have a future.

We need to vote in governments that understand and believe climate science but we can take other steps even closer to home. Did you know that if 1 million households reduced their electricity usage by just 20% or replaced that 20% with renewables we could shut down 2 coal fired power stations? It’s amazing the power we all to make positive change.

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