The POWEs (the Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered) series of children’s books about 5 friends — a girl, a boy, a camper van, a dragon and a butterfly are on a mission to save endangered wildlife. Each adventure whisks the reader off to another country, introducing them to the animals that live there and the unique environmental problems they face.

The series donates 20% of its profits to conservation charities.

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The POWEs and The Lost Jungle
The POWEs and The Lost Jungle
Set in the jungles of India, this creative story delivers a vital message about the effects of deforestation. A serious issue handled with a lot of fun as the POWEs use their imaginations to get the animals of the jungle home again. [space_40]
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The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks
The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks
Set on the grasslands of Africa, this brightly illustrated story introduces the plight facing elephants and rhinos perfectly for a young audience. An educational and entertaining story about these majestic animals, the environment they live in and the people they live along side.      
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