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The POWEs And The Lost Jungle

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Set in the jungles of India, this creative story delivers a vital message about the effects of deforestation. A serious issue handled with a lot of fun as the POWEs use their imaginations to get the animals of the jungle home again.


The POWEs And The Lost Jungle is written and illustrated by Imogen Taylor.

The POWEs (the Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered) books feature a powerful message on the importance of conservation. Each story is set in a different country, featuring the animals that live there and the unique environmental problems they face.

The POWEs are on yet another exciting adventure saving endangered wildlife… this time, in the jungles of India, the POWEs have to use their imaginations to get the animals home again when their jungle home is threatened by deforestation.

A beautifully illustrated children’s book full of wonderful and often unknown animals. Perfect for any child that loves animals and cares about the planet.

20% of the profits from the sale of each book goes to Animal Works International

Full Colour • 28cm by 21.6cm (11″ by 8.5″) • 32 pages • Ages 3 to 7 • Paperback

Publication Date: March 2019
Story by: Imogen Taylor
Illustrated by: Imogen Taylor
Published by: The POWEs
ISBN: 978-0-9933485-0-8


3 reviews for The POWEs And The Lost Jungle

  1. Sara Roberts

    I absolutely love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and my daughter laughed like a drain when they tried to fit all the animals in the camper van.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you so much Sara! 🙂

  2. Mrs F. Anderson

    I’ve been trying to find a book to use with the children in my class to discuss deforestation for ages and Imogen your book was perfect. The way you introduce the human characters and how they want to cut down the forest is so atmospheric and resonated so well with children. They really got it!

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you so much for telling me this. This is exactly my goal with the book and so I’m delighted that the children “got it”!

  3. Eileen Stevens

    Awe, what a great concept for kids books. We just love it

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you Eileen!

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