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The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks

(12 customer reviews)


Set on the grasslands of Africa, this brightly illustrated story introduces the plight facing elephants and rhinos perfectly for a young audience. An educational and entertaining story about these majestic animals, the environment they live in and the people they live along side.





A hungry elephant calf and its family long to eat the lush grass that surrounds the park, but they dare not venture out to eat it, for a grave danger lurks there — poachers.

Moby, the camper van sensing the elephants are in trouble brings the rest of the POWEs to the rescue. They come up with an ingenious way to disguise the elephant’s tusks and together set out on a dangerous journey to get rid of poachers for good.

This exciting first adventure in the POWEs series of children’s books, introduces the plight facing elephants and rhinos perfectly for a young audience. An educational and entertaining story about these majestic animals, the environment they live in and the people they live along side.

20% of the profits from the sale of this book goes directly to the wildlife charities that are working to protect rhinos and elephants (Tusk, the Lilayi Elephant Nursery and The Rhino Orphanage).

The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks


Full Colour • 28cm by 21.6cm (11″ by 8.5″) • 40 pages • Ages 4 to 8 • Paperback

Publication Date: March 2016
Story by: Imogen Taylor
Illustrated by: Imogen Taylor
Published by: The POWEs
ISBN: 978-0-9933485-0-1


12 reviews for The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks

  1. L.Hudson

    A beautifully illustrated and written book about the powes’ first adventure. My kids age 6 and 10 loved reading about the lovely characters and animals plus it’s a gentle introduction into wildlife and conservation. The perfect book for any child who loves wildlife and adventure. And with 20% going to charities for each book sold its making a real difference too.

    Mother of 2 (6 and 10 years old) – Nottingham, UK

    • Imogen Taylor

      WOW! Thanks for such a wonderful review. I’m so so happy to receive such kind words 🙂

  2. Karen Rodriguez

    My son (aged 3) loves this book! When I ask him what book he wants me to read him, he just says “elephants! elephants!” or more like “elepants! “elepants!”
    It’s a beautiful book. Great conservation message.

    • Imogen Taylor

      I’m so glad your son loves the book Karen. Elepants. . . I love that! I think I might call them that from now on 😀

  3. D.Hughes

    Can I just say your book is so great, I highly recommend. so important children learn about importance of conservation at a very young age! God bless you Imogen

    • Imogen Taylor

      Ah thank you! I agree, learning about conservation at a young age is crucial if we are to produce a generation of adults that put our planet first!

  4. ezekliel

    Wow! The illustrations are fab! A great book for my 4 yr old grandson.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you! I hope your grandson enjoys it!

  5. Christina Morley

    Amanda and I both enjoyed the first zany adventure of The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks. POWEs stands for Protectors of Wildlife Endangered. In the team is Immy and Jonny who are both 7 years old. Then there is a little dragon friend named Shu and a butterfly named Boffy. Even the campervan is part of the team and his name is Moby.

    We liked the illustrations and the creative ideas that the POWEs team come up with. We were impressed to find a kid-friendly map of the world with Africa highlighted. It’s a great way to introduce kids to where the African elephant and rhino come from. Sadly, both the elephant and rhino are endangered because of evil people, called poachers, who kill them for their tusks and horns. The kids and their friends have to find a way to stop the poachers.

    Every page has something fun and interesting with some great learning moments too! Besides learning where Africa is on the map and about poachers, kids also get introduced to a few Swahili words. The last page also has lots of interesting facts about elephants and rhinos.

    This is a great book for girls and boys ages 5 – 9.

    See more of this review at

    • Imogen Taylor

      Getting great reviews makes all the difference between your children’s book languishing in the wilderness unseen and being out there under the spot lights singing “read me now”. So thank you from the bottom of my heart Christina for posting such an extensive and positive review. I have a silly smile on my face right now 😀

  6. Alysa Evans

    We have a new favorite book! Take a child and mold them into the human this world needs. Sew seeds of humanity and kindness. Look after our animal friends. Stand up for the endangered. The POWEs – thank you for this amazing book that says so much to young minds that ultimately have the power to change it!

    The best time to start teaching a child how to care for the planet they live on is NOW.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Oh wow! I am literally beaming from ear to ear 😀 having read that. Thank you so much for saying such kind words about my book Alysa.

  7. Hannah Lavon

    Got the book Imogen! So cute! Love what you are doing.

    It’s that moment when you get WOKE about our planet and how important it is to protect our animals! This book is an awesome and inspiring adventure about just that by The POWEs! #kidswhocare

    • Imogen Taylor

      Glad you like it Hannah! Love what you say too, about being WOKE as to how important it is to protect the wildlife we share this planet with!

  8. Joanne Viola

    A wonderful way to introduce children to the importance of animal preservation.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you so much Joanne.

  9. Naila Moon

    A terrific series to teach conservation of animals. It is a must really!

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you so much Naila! 😀

  10. Heather Taylor – Mighty Moms Club

    Good luck with POWEs! What a great concept and idea!

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thanks Heather I really appreciate the support!

  11. T.Daily

    We love this book! My son took it to school with him today for his class to read! Happy Earth Week!

    • Imogen Taylor

      Yay! I was part of “show and tell”! How aweseome 😀

  12. Naomi Brooks

    A wonderful book. I have found it so hard to find a children’s picturebook dedicated to the natural world. This lovely book is a must have for those who love our beautiful planet and want to impart that love in their children.

    • Imogen

      Thanks so much Naomi! That is just the loveliest message 🙂 I’m so happy that you found The POWEs. Connecting children to the natural world is exactly my mission so knowing I’m achieving that is the best feeling imaginable!

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