School visits that inspire!

A fun and lively presentation that teaches children about wildlife and gets them excited about books and art.

What schools are saying:

“Imogen’s visit was a delightful and educational experience for us all. The children sat spellbound as she read her story to them and they loved spotting the animals on the beautiful music video. As the children identified the different animals, they suddenly understood that they were watching wild animals in Africa, the REAL Africa! This was an exciting moment. After Imogen left, the children asked me to read the story again and sat just as attentively as they had the first time. Imogen delivers an important message in a meaningful and enjoyable way and I highly recommend having her visit your school or centre.”
Annabel Needs
Castlecrag Montessorir School, Sydney – Australia

POWEs School Visit Book Tour - children's art

“It’s amazing how they were able to follow your instructions even at 5 years old, as to how to draw expressions and what was interesting was to see their different interpretations of what you drew. It was very inspiring.”
Rosie Clinkard
Years 1 and 2 Teacher
Peppard Primary School, Henley – UK

“The children loved your visit. It was wonderful to see them sit so still as you read your book to them and to see their excitement as you played the video of the real life animals.” 
Killarney School, Sydney – Australia

“Yesterday the children were very fortunate to have a visit from a children’s author and illustrator – Imogen Taylor. Imogen talked to the children about how she had the original ideas for her stories and the time it has taken for her book to be published. Imogen also read her story ‘The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks’ to the children. The children were captivated by the story.”
Marion Arnold
Assistant Head Teacher
Trinity Primary School, Henley – UK

“We all enjoyed your talk today and I am sure you have inspired the children to have a go at creating their own books – next week literacy lessons! Thank you for coming in and I will be in touch.”
Mrs Yeulet
Year 2 Teacher
St Marys School, Henley – UK

“I can’t believe how much I have learnt today let alone the children. That was really interesting and lots of fun. Thank you so much for coming.”
Katey Steele
Waverley Public School, Sydney – Australia

POWEs School Visit Book Tour - children's art

“Thanks again for the reading and workshop you did with us on Thursday. Following the exercises you did on illustrating, the children produced these lovely African illustration bubbles, followed by small stories about a chosen animal. They were really lovely – who knows maybe one day they will be authors too! Kind regards and good luck in the future.”
Josie Stewart – Year 2 Teacher and
Kath Hemmings – Year 1 Teacher
Valley Road Primary School, Henley – UK

“Thank you so much for today. The feedback from all the teachers has been really positive and everyone enjoyed it. Good luck with the next book and please keep in touch.”
Laura Geraghty
Maroubra Bay Public School, Sydney – Australia

“How brilliant it’s been to have a real life author-illustrator at our school. It’s the first time the children have met an author so it’s very exciting for them and your presentation was really interesting and educational too.”
Kindergarten Teacher
Bronte Public School, Sydney – Australia

If you would like more information about my author visits, please email me and I will send you a brochure setting out all that my visits entail.

I look forward to visiting your school!