Preserving our wildlife and learning about the changing situation of our planets eco-systems is vitally important and by engaging children from pre-school through primary school with readings of her books, Imogen has been able to facilitate the transition between information and knowledge. Across all generations her books have captured the imaginations of their readers and listeners, demonstrated by lively question times and spirited dialogue at the end of each session.

Imogen’s school visits stimulate conversation and imagination allowing the children to freely question otherwise difficult issues, such as habitat loss and destruction of wildlife.

School Visits – would you like me to visit your school?

I love visiting schools, reading my books and giving lively talks about all the fantastic animals that appear in my stories.

Unlike most children’s author/illustrators the main focus of my presentations is about sustainability and the endangered wildlife/environments that appear in each of my books. Although, I do of course also talk about the writing/drawing side of my books too.

In my presentations the children will . . .

  • Learn interesting facts about animals and their habitats.
  • Learn ways in which they too can be POWEs – saving the planet every day.
  • Be encouraged to get out into nature themselves.
  • Learn about how I come up with the idea for a book and how I build on that idea to create the story.
  • Brain storm ideas to come up with their own stories.
  • Have some drawing fun.

Take a look at what schools are saying about my visits.

Book Readings – cafes, libraries, book shops, festivals…

I love reading my books anywhere and everywhere to anyone who will listen. 😉

If you would like me to visit your book shop, café, library, festival, event then please get in touch.

Activities and Games

If I am visiting your school, it’s a good idea to get the children excited about my visit by having some fun with the POWEs Activities and Games.

Pre-order The POWEs books

You can pre-order my books before the event or you can buy them on the day. I’d be happy to sign them for you.

I am currently based in Sydney, Australia but visit England often. If you live in and around those areas and want me to visit your school, book shop, cafe, library, festival, event please get in touch.

If you would like to know more about me and my book readings/school visits please get in touch.