Imogen’s presentation clearly captured the imagination of the children judging by the lively question time at the end of the session. She allowed the children to freely question potentially difficult issues such as sustainability and habitat loss.

I love visiting schools both in-person and virtually — reading my books, and giving entertaining talks and interactive workshops that explore the environmental issues that inspire my stories.

I don’t believe in painting a doom and gloom image of these important issues. I believe hope and positivity are what is needed to drive change, and that is what my books and presentations are all about.

Each interactive workshop is tailored to the age of the children attending but this is the kind of fun we’ll get up to . . .

Story Telling – Tales From The Wild

I share exciting stories from the charities my books support, about the wildlife they have saved, including video footage and photos.

The children learn how a small number of dedicated individuals can make a big difference — leaving them empowered to take their own steps to save wildlife.

Together we brainstorm what planet saving things we can do every day.

Book Reading

Readings from my books.

Extraordinary Animals

Find out all about some of our planet’s most endangered species from the well known to the lesser known, what makes them so amazing and why they need our help.

Discover the different habitats that animals live in and the various adaptations they have which allow them to exist in those environments.

Workshop / Games

Guess the animal game, mask making, colour your chosen animal, create animal fact poster.

The Writing/Illustrating Process

Learn how I come up with the idea for a book and how I build on that idea to create the story, revision practices and the publication process.

Together we brain storm ideas for the children to come up with their own stories.

We have some drawing fun using simple illustration techniques.

Q&A Session

All the questions that the children may have about wildlife and or creating children’s books.

Take a look at what schools are saying about my visits.

If you would like more information about my author visits, please email me and I will send you a brochure setting out all that my visits entail.

I also love to give workshops at libraries, festivals and other events.

I look forward to visiting with you!

Activities and Games

A great way to get children excited about my visit is by having some fun with the POWEs Activities and Games.

Pre-order The POWEs books

You can pre-order my books before my visit or you can buy them on the day. I’d be happy to sign them for you.