In order for today’s children to grow up to become tomorrow’s good stewards of our planet, they need to know what’s at stake. How do you talk to children about the state of the environment without filling them with despair? How do you make children the champions of the natural world?

You can help them by giving them children’s books that fill them with awe at the earth’s natural wonders, that can empower them through planet-saving adventures, that can “rewild” them by establishing a deep sense of identity with the natural world.

The POWEs Books

The POWEs series of children’s books centres around two children, who along with their friends, are on a mission to save endangered wildlife. The books feature a powerful message on the importance of conservation.

Each story is set in a different country, featuring the animals that live there and the unique environmental problems they face.

Whisking children off on exciting adventures all around the world – the POWEs books are not only fun, they teach children about the environment, about wildlife and how they can make a difference to their world.

A percentage of the profits from each book goes directly to wildlife conservation. Take a look at the charities the POWEs support and the amazing work that they do.

Who Are The POWEs?

POWEs Infographic
The POWEs Infographic

Remember to Keep a look out for Boffy the butterfly – she will always appear somewhere on every page of the books.

Just how do you say Shu Xiao-Long?

Shu is said like “shoe”
Xiao is said like “She-ow” (like the “show” in shower)
Long is said just like it is in English

POWEs kids . . .

Meet the awesome POWEs kids.

Do you want to join the POWEs on an action packed adventure?

Take a look at the books in the POWEs series.