Children’s Poem About Poaching

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The inspiration behind the creation of the POWEs series is to save endangered wildlife and to instil in children a love for wildlife and wild places. I firmly believe that if children fall in love with wildlife they will grow up wanting to protect it.

So when I received a beautiful poem, by a little girl who is most definitely a POWE, I was incredibly touched and encouraged that the POWEs series of books will make a difference, not only in the funds raised for wildlife charities but in the children they inspire.

Some animals need saving
The fat the slim the short
So remember when you’re playin’
You really really ought
To stop and think a while
About animals in need
Cuz poachers are really vile
And they’ll do a nasty deed
So everyone band together
And stop poaching forever.

Amelie – aged 10 from Nottingham, UK

POWE wildlife conservation poem
Poaching Poem
Thank you Amelie. I absolutely love your poem! Keep on writing and keep on loving animals. Together we can all make a difference.

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  1. Barbara Auel

    Lovely poem, Amelie. You are a kind and loving girl. Keep fighting for the animals.

  2. Kris Rippin

    How wonderful to be able to inspire children to write poems. Thank you for the work that you’re doing with the POWEs.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you Quinton. It’s lovely for me to think that I have inspired a child through my books to write poetry 🙂

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