Let’s Demand China Reverses Ban in Use of Rhino Horn and Tiger Bones

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Petition To Demand China Reverses Ban in Use of Rhino Horn and Tiger Bones

On 29th October 2018 it was announced that China will reverse the 25 year ban in the use of rhino horn and tiger bones from captive animals for scientific, medical and cultural use. Many of my friends expressed their distress over this news, asking me what they could possibly do about it.

Signing petitions helps. It might seem like a small gesture but as the coalition “Dog-Meat Free Indonesia” proved, earlier this month, if you get enough signatures (1 million signatures) you can get the attention of the relevant government and they may well take action. The Indonesian Government has now announced the ban on the trade of dog meat.

Can we get 1 million signatures? Could we get the attention of the Chinese Government? Could we ALL be instrumental in reversing this decision? We just could you know. We really could. Please sign and share this petition I have created as part Animal Works.


Rhino horn and tiger bone are highly valued in Chinese medicine as being miracle cures for everything from hangovers to fevers to cancer despite there being absolutely NO scientific proof to the claims. Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same as our hair and nails.

The ban has only been lifted on the trade of captive rhinos and tigers. However, not only does this promote the cruel tiger farming industry, it opens the door to the black market trade in parts from wild animals. We know from history that so called “legal” trades allow the illegal trade to infiltrate the market, as it is very difficult to ascertain the origins of the animal parts.

In 2008, the misheld belief that flooding the market with so called “legal” ivory from ivory stockpiles would drive down prices and therefore the demand for illegal ivory, saw China and Japan being allowed a one time purchase of stock piled ivory to flood the market. However, it failed to drive down prices or demand – poaching increased and the price of ivory tripled. To read more about this, please take a look at this blog post I wrote.

Where legal markets exist it has proved impossible to eliminate illegal markets.

The population of China is huge, 1.42 billion people and over 300 million of them are middle-class and therefore able to afford rhino horn and tiger bone. 95% of hospitals have a Chinese medicine department. A market of this size could well be the death knoll for wild rhinos and tigers. There are only 29,500 rhinos and 3,900 tigers left in the wild.

Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s help end the trade in rhino horn and tiger bone. Please sign this petition.


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