The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks

“I’m so hungry Mummy.” said Juno to her rather large mother.

“I know, but we’ve eaten all the grass in the park, and you know we can never, EVER leave the park!” warned the wise matriarch.

Why can’t the elephant herd leave the park?

What danger awaits them if they do?

Will the POWEs ever be able to save them?

The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks

The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks

In this exciting first adventure in the POWEs series of children’s books, the POWEs help save the elephants and rhinos from poachers by coming up with an ingenious plan.

Full of brightly coloured illustrations and many different animals this story introduces the plight facing elephants and rhinos perfectly for a young audience. An educational and entertaining story about these majestic animals, the environment they live in and the people they live along side.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of this book goes directly to the wildlife charities that are working to protect rhinos and elephants (Tusk, the Lilayi Elephant Nursery and The Rhino Orphanage).

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In Australia:

Gleebooks stores throughout Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo, NSW

Pages & Pages Bookshop Mosman, Sydney

H’Art Matters Gallery Mosman, Sydney

In Singapore:

Singapore Zoo

The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks

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