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The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks

The proofs of The POWEs And The Disappearing Tusks have arrived from the printers! Looking good. Now it won’t be long until I hold the book in my hands ready to release it into the world. A super exciting moment for me.

When I created the POWEs and started down this road of writing, illustrating and self-publishing children’s books, I had no idea how much I would learn and how fond I would become of these 5 little characters that have occupied every day of my life for the last 2 years.

I feel like I’ve been back to school – self-publishing (ISBNs, barcodes, distribution), pagination (bleed lines, text zones), shipping (import duties, taxes, port fees), binding (threadsewn, perfect, saddlesewn), printing (proofs – plotter, xerox, wet / colour gamuts – RGB, CMYK), forest stewardship certification. Phew!

It’s been a steep learning curve – I stood at the bottom and thought “oh that hill isn’t too big, I reckon I can do that.” Half way up I realised I was on a mountain but I thought “Imogen, you’ve come this far. You’ve learned so much (Jonnie always reminds me to think “there are no mistakes, only lessons learnt”). You can do this.” Well I’ve reached the top and I’ve proved to myself ‘Yup I could do it. I’ve done it.” At times it’s been hard and frustrating but ultimately rewarding and a lot of fun.

Next step – start helping to raise awareness and funds for the fabulous charities the POWEs are supporting.

What do I hope my 5 little friends will achieve? That they will spread their message of the importance of conserving wildlife, that they will introduce children to the wonders of the natural world and spark their curiosity to go and discover it for themselves.

Goodluck POWEs!


8 Responses

  1. Shana Marley

    Wow! I didn’t realize how much work self-publishing a children’s book could entail. It looks great.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Neither did I!!!!!….but I’m so proud of myself. It was definitely worth it. On to more books now! Glad you think it looks good 🙂

  2. Nicole Mawrey

    What a wonderful series. So important to be looking after our wildlife.

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you Nicole. Yes we must look after our wildlife, otherwise we risk losing it before today’s children are adults!

  3. Dianne Bennett

    Accomplishing all that is really impressive! Well done. I’ve only just found you but I look forward to following the POWEs journey!

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you Dianne! That means a lot. I hope you enjoy the journey too.

  4. Yassi

    I’ve just discovered the POWEs 🙂 A friend recommended that I check out your books after we had a chat about meaningful children’s books that will teach our kids about the planet. I’ve just ordered your book. Thank you! I can’t wait to read it to my daughter (she’s 4).

    • Imogen Taylor

      Thank you for ordering the book Yassi. What a lovely message to wake up to. The book is now on it’s way to you. I really hope your daughter enjoys it!

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