The POWEs were created by Imogen Taylor.





Imogen’s mission, just like the POWEs, is also to save endangered wildlife all over the world. That’s why she self-publishes the POWEs books and donates a percentage of the profits from each book to wildlife charities.


Imogen wants to instil in children a love for wildlife and wild places.


She firmly believes that if children fall in love with wildlife they will grow up wanting to protect it.







Facts about Imogen and her inspiration for the POWEs:

Imogen loves all animals big and small, cuddly and not so cuddly, but if she had to choose a favourite, it might just be the elephant!

Imogen used to write stories and draw pictures all the time when she was a child and so she’s not at all surprised that she still does this as an adult.

Imogen loves camping. In fact one of her absolute favourite things is to be in the middle of nowhere, in the wilderness surrounded by wildlife. A big fan of wild swimming….if she comes across a waterhole, creek or river, she’ll be in there in a shot (so long as there aren’t any crocs or sharks about).

Imogen and her partner Jonnie once travelled around the whole of Australia in a campervan that they named Moby (but he wasn’t blue and he didn’t have clouds painted on him). This experience had a profound affect on them both and as you can probably tell was a huge inspiration for the creation of the POWEs.

To learn more about Imogen and what inspired the creation of her children’s books listen to the interview she did on My Home Planet – the planet heroes podcast.



“I grew up in a house where animals had as much standing as humans, in fact often more so…they were fed first and usually got a better spot on the sofa.

We often had strays and wounded animals in the house…being rehabilitated back to the wild and there were just some who got comfy and decided to stay.

It was normal to me to just be one of the creatures in the house and that’s how I am as a grown-up. I don’t feel any more important or valuable than any other animal. I like feeling like this. It makes me feel part of the world in a very integral way.”