Introducing Wilderkids

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I’ve embarked on a new adventure………………….
A few months back I met a fabulous woman who interviewed me for her environmental heroes podcast. We immediately hit it off, as you do when you meet someone from your tribe. One thing led to another…..and before I knew it I was joining her on a mission…….
To create a digital channel of extraordinary podcasts by women for the planet. A global home for empowering, earth focused content without all the doom and gloom. We’ll be launching it next week and I’ll tell you more about it then…..I’m really excited about it!
In the meantime…… part of this adventure, I’ve set up my own podcast, connecting kids to nature to create our future conservationists. Today is launch day! Yay!…….check it out at
Over the course of this adventure, wherever it takes us, I’ll be introducing the listeners to some fantastic people – authors, illustrators, scientists, conservationists and educators, doing great things to connect kids to nature. I’ll also be searching the planet high and low to bring you inspirational children’s books about the natural world.



Are there any children’s books you would like me to share? Please let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to chat about them in future podcasts and will hopefully interview some of the creators behind the books too.

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